Our premises


The Archivio centrale dello Stato offers public and private bodies the opportunity to use its premises (download the leaflet) to hold cultural events, according to the measures of the Italian Legislative Decree No. 42 of 22 January 2004.

The conference room is equipped to hold conventions, conferences, screenings and musical events and has a maximum capacity of 170 seats.

The entrance hall and main hall are an ideal space to set up exhibitions and organise large events. They are also suitable for working lunches during the events held in the conference room.

The building can also be used for filming.

The application for permission to temporarily use the rooms must be sent to the Superintendency of the Archivio centrale dello Stato. It must contain the times and the programme of the event, the number of participants, the equipment required to organise the event, and the names of the organising bodies.

Conference room


Main hall

Information and bookings

For availability of the rooms and information, please call +39 06 54548532 from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., or write to acs.promozione@beniculturali.it

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