The Service encourages people to get to know the Institute and access historical research on the sources in its archives. It offers schools and universities differentiated training according to the level of their course of studies.

Those interested can book an educational visit and experiment direct contact with the records, even physically entering the rooms where “history is written”.

Visits are free and agreed with the teachers so that the visit meets their educational programmes; the visits can focus on both general and specific topics.

Guided tours for small groups of visitors can be booked, the engagements of the institute permitting.


Erminia Ciccozzi Tel. +39 06 54548450 Fax +39 06 5413620 e-mail



Subject to an agreement with the universities (via the S.O.U.L. system), training and guidance projects are held, lasting a maximum of 300 hours with practical data recording and filing exercises.


Margherita Martelli

Tel. +39 06 54549522

Fax +39 06 5413620


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