At the Heraldry Service Office it is possible to:

Consult the following holdings: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Heraldic Consultative Council (Consulta araldica) and Heraldry Office, Official collection of laws and decrees and related enclosures.
Request photocopied or certified copies of documents from the above mentioned holdings.
Access a database, containing images as well as written documents, that collects information gathered from the following archives: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Heraldry Office, the Heraldic Book of Corporate Bodies (Libro araldico degli enti morali), Township heraldry files; Provincial Heraldry files; Regimental and other bodies’ heraldry files; Royal and Presidential heraldic decrees’ record books

Elena Ginanneschi

Tel. +39 06 54548428

Visiting hours

Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm.

By appointment only.